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Ayomi Dita RarasatiAlan MarinoCindy Rianti PriadiDjoko M HartonoDwita SutjiningsihEl Khobar M NazeechElly TjahjonoErly Bahsan

Ayomi DR

Ayomi Dita Rarasati

Senior Lecturer
ST, Universitas Indonesia, 2004
MT, Universitas Indonesia, 2006
PhD, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 2014

Field of Interest:
Project Management and Financing, Islamic Financing, Infrastructure Development, Procurement and Asset Management, Sustainability


Ayomi has been a full-time faculty member in Civil Engineering Department at Universitas Indonesia since 2008. She received both her Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and Master degree in Project Management from Universitas Indonesia. She focused her PhD in Islamic project financing for infrastructure projects in Queensland, Australia. Ayomi is currently the Secretary at the Center of Sustainable Infrastructure Development, Universitas Indonesia. Simultaneously with her interest in sustainability, she also involves in the UI GreenMetric as a team member.

Selected Publication

Sustainable Retirement Village for Older People: A Case Study in Brisbane, Australia, International Journal of Strategic Property Management, (Bo Xia, Jian Zuo, Martin Skitmore, Qing Chen, Ayomi Rarasati)Shariah Compliant Instruments as Innovative Financing for Transportation Infrastructure Development In Indonesia, CSID journal of infrastructure development, ISSN: 2407-4438 (Suyono Dikun, Fiona Lamari, Ayomi Dita Rarasati, Herawati Z. Rahman, Devy Anggraeni)

State-of-the-Art of Literature Reviews on Project Financing Models for Toll Road Investments, The 14th International Conference on QiR, Lombok, 10-13 Agustus 2015, ISSN 1411-1284 (Lukas B. Sihombing, Yusuf Latief, Ayomi Dita Rarasati, Andreas Wibowo)

Ayomi Dita Rarasati, Bambang Trigunarsyah, Eric Too, The Opportunity for Implementing Islamic Project Financing to the Indonesian Infrastructure Development ((Ebook: The Developing Role of Islamic Banking and Finance: From Local To Globa; Perspectives, ISBN: 978-1-78350-817-4, 2014)

Heddy R. Agah, Ayomi Dita Rarasati, Influence of Claim on Time Performance in Toll Road Construction Project Case: Greater Jakarta Outer Ring Road, Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol 8, 2011

Ayomi Dita Rarasati, Bambang Trigunarsyah, Istisna financing in Indonesian infrastructure project: A case Study of Belawan Port Project, Delivering Sustainable Infrastructure Through Collaborative Research in Civil engineering 4-5 November 2014, ITB Campus, Bandung, Indonesia, ISSN 2407-1374

AyomiDitaRarasati, BambangTrigunarsyah, Eric Too, The Opportunity for Implementing Islamic Project Financing to the Indonesian Infrastructure Development, Ebook: The Developing Role of Islamic Banking and Finance: From Local To Global Perspectives, ISBN: 978-1-78350-817-4, 2014

SuyonoDikun, Fiona Lamari, AyomiDitaRarasati, Herawati Z. Rahman, DevyAnggraeni, Shariah Compliant instruments as innovative financing for transportation infrastructure development in Indonesia, CSID journal of infrastructure development, ISSN: 2407-4438, 2015

Bo Xia, JianZuo, Martin Skitmore, Qing Chen, AyomiRarasati,,Sustainable retirement village for older people: a case study in Brisbane, Australia, International Journal of Strategic Property Management, DOI: 10.3846/1648715X.2015.1029564, 2015

Alan Marino

Alan Marino

Senior Lecturer
Ir, Universitas Indonesia, 1984 M.Sc,
University of Wisconsin-Madison,1989

Field of Interest:
Transportation Engineering


Selected Publication
Moh. Fikri Makarim, Jachrizal Sumabrata, Alan Marino, Studi Karakteriastik Lalu Lintas dari Penerapan “Contraflow” di Jalan Tol Cawang-Semanggi (Studi Kasus: Zona Akhir).

Cindy Rianty

Cindy Rianty Priadi

Associate Professor
ST, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 2004
MSc, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées,
2007 Dr, Universitas Paris 11, 2010

Field of Interest:
Environmental Engineering


My research interests are wastewater resource recovery and surface water quality. My current research focuses on the application of anaerobic digestion of municipal biowaste. I am currently a member of the Tropical Renewable Energy Research Center (TREC) of the Faculty of Engineering. I am also keen in developing laboratory infrastructures for the sanitary and environmental engineering laboratory.

Besides research, my academic activities include managing courses such as Environmental Laboratory, Environmental Chemistry, Global Environmental Issues and Wastewater treatment planning and design. I am also a member of the academic quality assurance of Faculty of Engineering and actively involved in national accreditation as well as the Asean University Network assessment.

Selected Publication

Cindy Priadi, Adeline Bourgeault , Sophie Ayrault , Catherine Gourlay-Francé , Marie-Hélène Tusseau-Vuillemin, Philippe Bonté and Jean-Marie Mouchel, Spatio-temporal variability of solid, total dissolved and labile metal: Passive vs. discrete sampling evaluation in river metal monitoring, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 2011,13 (5), pp. 1470-1479Cindy Priadi, Pierre Le Pape, Guillaume Morin, Sophie Ayrault, Fabien Maillot, Farid Juillot, Rebecca Hochreutener, Isabelle Llorens, Denis Testemale, Olivier Proux, and Gordon E. Brown Jr, XAFS Evidence for Amorphous Zinc Sulfide as a Major Zinc Species in Suspended Matter from the Seine River Downstream of Paris, Ile-de-France, France Environ. Sci. Technol., 2012, 46 (7), pp 3712–3720

S. Ayrault, P.Le Pape, O. Evrard, C.R. Priadi. C. Quantin, P. Nonte., M. Roy -Barman, Remanence of lead pollution in an urban river system: a multi-scale temporal and spatial study in the Seine River basin, France, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, November 2013

Cindy Priadi, Dwica Wulandari, Iftita Rahmatika, Setyo Sarwanto Moersidik, Biogas Production In The Anaerobic Digestion Of Paper Sludge, 2013 5 th International Conference on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering (ICBEE 2013), New Delhi, India, September 14-15, 2013

Diogo Costa, Paolo Burlando, Liong Shie Yui, Senthil Gurusamy, Cindy Priadi, Modelling dominant processes affeting the transport and fate of domestic pollution in highly contaminated urban rivers. The case of Ciliwung, Jakarta, International Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics ISEH 2014 7-9 January 2014

Nyoman Suwartha, Cindy Rianti Priadi, Modeling Surface Water Quality of UI Recharge Pond Using Numerical Method, International Journal of Technology (2013) 2: 136-146, ISSN 2086-9614

Gabriel Andari Kristanto, Cindy Priadi, Mulia Orientilize, Arief Udhiarto, Erly Bahsan, Towards Green and Sustainable Society: A Case of Engineering Faculty, Universitas Indonesia, International Conference and Utility Exhibition on: Green Energy for Sustainable Development, 19, 20, 21 Maret 2014, Pattaya City, Thailand

S. Ayrault, M. Roy-Barman, C. Quantin, C. R. Priadi, P. Le Pape, O. Evrard, Legacy lead contamination and its persistence in the environment: Lessons learnt from decadal monitoring (2000-­‐2012) in an urban catchment, 12th Urban Environment Symposium, 1-3 June 2015 in Oslo,

Norway F. Dalmonte, A.S. Hursthouse, C. R. Priadi, G. A. Kristanto, A Scenario For Ghg Reduction Through Improved Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management In Jakarta, Indonesia, 5th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium 2015,

Djoko M

Djoko M Hartono

Ir, Institut Teknologi Bandung,1979
SE, Universitas Indonesia,1996
M.Eng, Environmental Engineering (AIT) Bangkok, Thailand, 1984
Dr, Universitas Indonesia, 2007
Prof, Universitas Indonesia, 2012

Field of Interest:
Environmental Engineering


My research interest is in the Environmental Engineering. Water Supply, Waste Water an Solid Waste are the major concern in the field of Environmental Engineering. The most problem in the water supply and sanitation sectors, is the availability of raw water, which had various in the quality, quantity, and its continuity especially water surface as source of raw water for water supply. To achieve Government Target which is 100% of population in Indonesia get supply water drinking and sanitation services, some other aspect such as regulation, institution, financing as well as partnership should be improved. More over the coordination among all parties whose concern on water and sanitation should be maintained regularly by highest level in the Centre Government. The implementation of on site treatment preferably in the short term whereas off site treatment can be implemented in the long term. The most problem in Solid Waste management is limited land for final disposal and community participation. To achieve Government Targets which also 100% population will get solid waste services, Integrated Solid Waste Management should be applied and 5 aspects should be taking into consideration, e.g., institution aspect, finance aspect, regulation aspect, technology aspect as well as community participation. To overcome limited land for sanitary landfill, method of 3 R (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle) handling in the source should be implemented to the community, domestic, commercial, institution as well as industrial sector.

Selected Publication

Djoko M. Hartono, Gabriel Andari Kristanto, Syaiful Amin, Study of Markets Solid Waste Generation and Composition to Determine Management Alternatives (Case Study Pasar Pondok Bambu and Pasar Segar Cinere) , The 14th International Conference on QiR, Lombok, 10-13 Agustus 2015, ISSN 1411-1284.

Rahayu S. Arifin, Djoko M Hartono, Setyo Sarwanto, Yusuf Latief, Edhi Tri Budi Soesilo, Dynamics Project Interdependencies in optimizing Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Case Study: PDAM Tirtawening Bandung, The 14th International Conference on QiR, Lombok, 10-13 Agustus 2015, ISSN 1411-1284.

Setyo Sarwanto, Djoko M. Hartono, Yusuf Latief, Rahayu, Determinants of Residential Water Consumption Analysis from Municipal Water Work (PDAM) Tirta Wening Bandung Indonesia : Consumer Surveys, Sylwan Journal Vol 159 Issue 1, 2015

Setyo Sarwanto, Rahayu Arifin, Djoko M. Hartono, Yusuf Latief, Project portfolio management to increase PDAM Tirtawening’s service coverage area, WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment 196:65-76 · June 2015.

Djoko M. Hartono, .Sistem Penyediaan Air Minum dan Permasalahannya, Seminar Co Creation Water Day Tanggal 4 April 2014 di Gedung Perpustakaan UI-Depok.

Agus Kuswanto, Djoko M. Hartono, The Impact of Bandung City Development to its Carrying Capacity, The International Journal’s Research Journal of Social Science & Management, ISSN: 2251-1571 Volume 4 Number 02, Juni 2014.

Evy N. Zulfiany, G.B.S. Andari Kristanto, Djoko M. Hartono, Assessment of Compost from Waste Treatment Unit as Biocover Material for Cipayung Landfill at City of Depok, Proc. of the Intl. Conf. on Advances in Civil, Structural, Environmental & Bio-Technology-CSEB 2014, ISBN: 978-1-63248-001-9

Agustini, Haryoto Kusnoputranto, Djoko M Hartono, Korelasi Penyebaran Emisi SO2 Industri Pengilangan Migas dengan Kualitas Lingkungan Udara di Sekitarnya (Correlation between Dispersion of SO2 Emisssion from The Oil and Gas Refinery with The Surrounding Air Quality, Lembaran Publikasi Minyak dan Gas Bumi, Volume 48, Nomor1, April 2014, ISSN: 2089-3396, halaman: 1-62, Terakreditasi LIPI No. 386/AU3/P2MI-LIPI/04/2012

Irma Gusniani, Djoko M. Hartono, Gabriel Andari Kristanto, Gary A.M. Adam, Ingen A. Hutauruk, Pengaruh Resirkulasi Lindi terhadap Kapasitas tempatPemrosesan Akhir Sampah melalui Permodelan Landfill Bioreaktor Lysimeter, Seminar Nasional Sintesa- Lampung, 2014

Djoko M. Hartono, Irma Gusniani, Gabriel Budi Andari, Training of Standard Operating Procedures on Semi Material Recovery Facilities/UPS to increasing its efficiency for officers of Depok Cleanliness Department/DKP-Depok, The 13th International Conference on QIR (Quality in Research), Yogyakarta 25-28 June, 2013- ISSN 1411-1284.


Dwita Sutjiningsih

Associate Proffesor
Ir, Universitas Indonesia, 1977
Dipl.H.E, International Institute for Hydraulics Engineering,
Delft, The Netherlands (Belanda), 1981 Dr-Ing,
Universität Hannover, Deutschland (Jerman), 1994

Field of Interest:
Water Resources Engineering and Management


My childhood memories of rice-field with paddy and sugarcane crops ready for harvest on the outskirts of a small town in Central Java, which is equipped with irrigation system and its hydraulics structures, has cultivated my interest in the field of water engineering. Education of civil engineers in the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia which I completed in 1977 continued with a specialist education in Delft, the Netherlands (1980/1981) focused on river engineering, and the study in Universität Hannover, Germany (1989-1994) was focused in hydrology, especially in rainfall-runoff modeling and aquatic ecosystems.

Under the theme of Water for Resilient Urban Environment, my contribution to the water management research group at Civil Engineering Department covers among others: best practices in rainwater management, flood & drought modeling, modeling of erosion & sedimentation phenomena in urban watersheds, watershed protection approaches in restoring aquatic resources in an urbanized or developing watersheds, and flood disaster risk management in urban areas.

While my interest in higher education management is growing along with the assignment as project officer of Higher Education (HEP) Project (1995-2000), Quality Undergraduate Education (QUE) Project (1998-2002), secretary of the Civil Engineering Department (2000-2002), head of the Civil Engineering Department (2002-2004), head of the Sub-Directorate of Education Development (2004-2005) and the Director of Directorate of Academic Development (2005-2014) at the university level.

Selected Publication

Dwita Sutjiningsih, Herr Soeryantono, Evi Anggraheni. Estimation of Sediment Yield in a Small Urban Ungaged Watershed Based on Schaffernak Approach at Sugutamu Watershed, Ciliwung, West Java. The 14th International Conference on QiR (Quality in Research). Lombok, 10-13 August 2015. ISSN 1411-1284.Abdul kadir Rahardjanto, Haryoto Kusnoputranto, Dwita Sutjiningsih, and Francisia SSE Seda. Simple Method to Evaluate of River Quality based on Riparian Vegetation Bioindicator. Research Journal of Science & IT Management. www.theinternationaljournal.org > RJSITM: Volume:04, Number: 05, March-2015: 25-35. ISSN 2251-1563.

Dwinanti Rika Marthanty, Herr Soeryantono, Dwita Sutjiningsih, Erick Carlier. Reviewing the use of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics as a tool in modeling river meandering. International Conference on Ecohydrology (ICE). Yogyakarta, 10-12 November 2014.

Dwinanti Rika Marthanty, Herr Soeryantono, Erick CARLIER, Dwita Sutjiningsih. Assessment of the Capability of 3D Stratified Flow Finite Element Model in Characterizing Meander Dynamics. Journal of Urban and Environmental Engineering, v.8, n.2, p.155-166. doi: 10.4090/juee.2014.v8n2.155166. ISSN 1982-3932.

Tito Latif Indra, Dwita Sutjiningsih, Eko Kusratmoko, Tri Edhi Budhi Soesilo. GIS Fuzzy Model For Assessing Vulnerability Of Water Resources In The Upper Citarum Watersheds. Journal of Science & IT Management. www.theinternationaljournal.org > RJSITM: Volume:03, Number: 01, November-2013: 30-36. ISSN 2251-1563.

Gusta Gunawan, Dwita Sutjiningsih, Herr Soeryantono, Sulistioweni W. Soil Erosion Estimation Base on GIS and Remote Sensing for Supporting Integrated Water Resources Conservation Management. International Journal of Technology, [S.l.], v. 4, n. 2, p. 147-156, jul. 2013. ISSN 2087-2100.

Gusta Gunawan, Dwita Sutjiningsih, Herr Soeryantono and Soelistiyoweni Widjanarko. Soil Erosion Prediction Using GIS and Remote Sensing on Manjunto Watershed Bengkulu-Indonesia. Jurnal Tanah Tropika (Journal of Tropical Soils), Vol 18, N0 2. J Trop Soils 18 (2): 141-148. Doi: 10.5400/jts.2013.18.2.141. ISSN: 2086-6682.

Dwinanti Rika Marthanty, Herr Soeryantono, Erick Carlier, Dwita Sutjiningsih. Developing Model to Predict Curve Dynamics in River Meandering Process. International Conference, Sediment Transport Modeling in Hydrological Watersheds and Rivers. Istanbul, Turkey, 14-16 November 2012.

Toha Saleh, Dwita Sutjiningsih. Quantitative Analysis of Bottled-Water Consumption Efficiency in Indonesia. International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) Conference for Academic Disciplines. Rome, Italy, 29 October-1 November 2012.

Dwita Sutjiningsih, Evi Anggraheni, Wisang Adhitya, Tito Latif Indra. The Effectiveness of Source Control Measures in Overcoming the Flooding. Case Study: Upper-Citarum Watershed at Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. HATHI (Indonesian Association of Hydraulic Engineers) International Seminar on Water Related Risk Management. Borobudur-Hotel, Jakarta-Indonesia, 15-16 July 2011.

Gusta Gunawan, Dwita Sutjiningsih, Herr Soeryantono. Evaluation of Erosion Based on GIS and Remote Sensing for Supporting Integrated Water Resources Conservation Management Case Study: Manjunto Watershed, Bengkulu Province-Indonesia. HATHI (Indonesian Association of Hydraulic Engineers) International Seminar on Water Related Risk Management. Borobudur-Hotel, Jakarta-Indonesia, 15-16 July 2011.


El Khobar M Nazeech

Associate Professor

Ir, Universitas Indonesia, 1982 MEng,
Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, 1988

Field of Interest:
Environmental Engineering


El Khobar is a faculty member of Department of Civil Engineering Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia who develops and delivers a new course in Cleaner Production, named as Pollution Prevention Course. The first course started to deliver to senior students (7th semester) on February 1997. Since September 1999 to April 2004 he acted as a Program Director for International Program of Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia. At January 23rd, 2002 the Rector of University of Indonesia has appointed him as a Head of Extension Program of Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia and he served this position until April 2004. From April 2004 to April 2006 he appointed as Director for Faculty Welfare Funds. At the beginning of July 2004 he jointed to Non Government Environmental Organization named Dana Mitra Lingkungan, as a Chairman of Executive Board.

El Khobar was a member of Labat-Anderson Incorporated works for USAID Jakarta (United States Agency for International Development) as Long-term Indonesian Consultant/Local Resource Specialist for Industrial Pollution Reduction Programs.

Selected Publication
El Khobar M. Nazech, Irma Gusniani, Aisha Sean, Study on Soil-Composit Mixture For Landfill Cover, The 5th AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on Global Environment, November 21-22, 2012El Khobar M. Nazech and Henki W Ashadi, Vertical Housing for Low-Income People in Urban Areas?-Case Study: The Vertical Simple Housing (Rusunami/RumahSusunSederhanaMilik) Project of Kalibata Area, The 13th International Conference on QiR (Quality in Research) Yogyakarta, June 25-28. 2013

Elly T

Elly Tjahjono

Associate Professor
Ir, Universitas Indonesia DEA, INSA d’LYON, 1989
Dr. Universitas Indonesia

Field of Interest:
Structure Engineering


Selected Publication

Chatarina Niken, Elly Tjahjono, Franciscus Supartono, Long-term Shrinkage Empirical Model of High Performance Concrete in Humid Tropical Weather Chatarina Niken, Elly Tjahjono, F.X. Supartono, The Influence of Water Content For Long Term Shrinkage of Concreteunder Humid Tropical ClimateWiratama Hadi Ramanto, Elly Tjahjono, Essy Arijoeni, Study of the Mechanical Behavior of Paving Blocks made of Concrete Sludge Waste (CSW) and Coconut Fiber

Madsuri, Essy Arijoeni Basoenondo, Elly Tjahjono, Nourma Yunita, Mix Design of High Strength Self Compacted Concrete (HSSCC) using Adva Superplasticizer Elly Tjahjono, Direct Shear Strength of Anneald-wire Fibre Cobcrete (The 8th RILEM International Symposium on Fibre Reinforced Concrete (BEFIB 2012))

Elly Tjahjono, Long-term Shrinkage Empirical Model of High Performance Concrete in Humid Tropical Weather. Journal International Institute for Science, Technology & Rducation Vol.3. No.2 2013)

Erly B

Erly Bahsan

Assistant Lectures
Ir, University of Indonesia,
M.Kom, University of Indonesia, 1999
Ph.D, Candidate doctor

Field of Interest:
Geotechnical Engineering

erlybahsan@gmail .com

Erly Bahsan got his bachelor degree on civil engineering and master degree on information technology from University of Indonesia. He joined Civil Engineering Department University of Indonesia in 2005 as a lecturer and also worked in the Soil Mechanics Laboratory University of Indonesia. With Soil Mechanics Laboratory he has done a lot of works in geotechnical investigation for buildings, roadway, oil and gas facilities, and slope stability cases.

His current interests for research are the slope stability and landslides, solid waste landfill stability, geological hazard mitigation, numerical method in geotechincs, and geotechnical information system. In 2006, he took a short course on Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing in International Institute of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation, Enschede, The Netherlands. Right now he is doing his PhD research in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan.

Selected Publication

Erly Bahsan, Hung-Jiun Liao, Jianye Ching, Szu-Wei Lee, 2014, “Statistics for the calculated safety factors of undrained failure slopes”, Engineering Geology Volume 172, Pages 85–94.Gabriel Andari Kristanto, Cindy Priadi, Mulia Orientilize, Arief Udhiarto, Erly Bahsan, 2014, “Towards Green and Sustainable Society: A Case of Engineering Faculty, Universitas Indonesia”, International Conference and Utility Exhibition on: Green Energy for Sustainable Development, 19, 20, 21 Maret 2014, Pattaya City, Thailand

Erly Bahsan, Eko S. Putro & Widjojo A. Prakoso, 2013, “Studi Parametrik Potensi Rembesan pada Bendungan Tipe Concrete Faced Rockfill Dam (CFRD) menggunakan Metode Elemen Hingga”, Seminar Nasional Bendungan Besar 2013, Batam, Balai Bendungan, Kementerian PU.

Widjojo A. Prakoso, Erly Bahsan, 2009, “Studi Parametrik Kelongsoran Konstruksi Jalan pada Geomaterial Batulempung”, JURNAL TEKNOLOGI, Edisi No. 1 Tahun XXIII, Maret 2009, 26 – 34 ISSN 0215-1685.

Erly Bahsan, Widjojo Adi Prakoso, 2007, “Identifikasi Risiko Akibat Tanah Longsor dengan Analisis Keruangan:Studi Kasus Lereng Bantaran Kali Ciliwung”, Prosiding Forum Riset Geomatika (geoReForm 2007).Jakarta Convention Center,Jakarta, 31 Agustus 2007 ISBN:978-979-3369-36-5.

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